About us

Born in Via di Città a Siena, as a tapestry shop in the first 1900s the shop has moved for the first time to Quattro Cantoni next to Duomo di Siena. Then after some changes made to the business it has been divided in two parts. One of the two parts has moved to Via San Pietro in Siena where the shop is now and the other one is a laboratory in Pian dei Mori.

The goal of Tapestry Siena is to adapt the product to the environment in which it has to be to get the right effect.

Before coming to the actual owners, Antonella and her husband, the business, that was already working since the early 1900s has had other owners that were conducting almost until the new millennium, until 1970s. There are documents, old receipts that testify job done before and after the First World War.

Antonella and her husband, who are now the owners of Tapestry Siena works in this business for 30 years already. Back at time she came to the shop as a saleswoman, doing the commercial and creative part not to mention also the packaging. She has bought the business when the old owners retired.

The couple does this work together for already 10 years, they carry on the acquired traditions as restauration of furniture and tapestry. They are among few craftsmen left to be able to do the star tying with strings, a type of work that goes back to 1700s.

At Tapestry Siena you can find traditional home accessories with a great quality of fabrics as pillows, closet key tassels and also beauty made with particular products, for example obtained from wall tapestry representing tuscan countryside or coat of arms of Siena’s Contradas. Tapestry Siena has been certified by the Syndicate for the Protection of Palio to put Contrada’s coat of arms on their productions.

Today it’s possible to buy online lots of products that you can find in the shop and, in the majority are made in the laboratory in Pian dei Mori in Sovicille.

At Tapestry Siena a great importance is given to the tradition with an aspiration to innovation.

In the future the intention is to consolidate the crafts know how that distinguishes the shop and to make in known not only in Siena but in Italy and abroad.